Open Book Extracts (OBX) announces founding membership in ONE HEMP

Published: 1-Dec-2023

Since the inception of Open Book Extracts (OBX) in 2019, the company has served as a leader in the hemp-based CBD market, prioritising science, safety, and responsible commerce

In response to the persisting stalemate for CBD industry regulations, OBX has announced its founding membership in ONE HEMP, a coalition of top CBD industry stakeholders to support Congress and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through a science and data-backed approach to arrive at sensible dietary supplement regulation.

ONE HEMP unites leading CBD industry stakeholders in a pivotal moment to work toward more stringent regulatory standards, including independent third-party testing and accurate labelling.

As a founding member, OBX is joined in the coalition by BayMedica, Charlotte's Web, Hemp Beverage Alliance, Kazmira, MAD TASTY and WYLD, among numerous others.

ONE HEMP took a milestone step by submitting comprehensive new insights and safety studies to Congressional leaders in response to a “Request for Information” from the House and Senate committees of jurisdiction.

“ONE HEMP is confident that the time for federal CBD policy reform has arrived during this Congressional session and is fully prepared to be the leading subject-matter resource for bipartisan action to support Congress and collaborate with the FDA,” said Dave Neundorfer, OBX Chief Executive Officer.

Neundorfer added: “ONE HEMP advocates for industry requirements to disclose hemp-derived product warning statements addressing the FDA's public risk concerns and product safety and non-impairment recognition at certain dose levels based on credible scientific data.”

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ONE HEMP will offer policy makers a science-backed and safety minded industry resource for the development of a regulatory approach that aligns with the need to ensure access for the more than 45 million Americans who rely on the benefits of CBD every day, including families, seniors, athletes, military veterans and others.

With ONE HEMP, OBX will continue to offer Congress science-backed policy solutions, including an FDA mandate to regulate hemp-derived products through the existing regulatory framework of dietary supplements.

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