Poised for growth in 2024, Nutriventia announces key expansion

Published: 18-Oct-2023

Science-based ingredients leader adds global marketing and sales executives, and incorporates US entity as it expands reach with “low dose, high impact” focus on ingredient innovation

Nutriventia is growing its global network by expanding into the US, a key market for the company’s future growth, announced Rajat Mittal Shah, cofounder and Executive Director of Nutriventia.

Additionally, the company added two key executives in leadership roles. In tandem, Shah has announced that Jennifer Clancy has been appointed Global Marketing Director and Neha Thomas has been named Sales Director USA.

Clancy previously served as Customer Experience Marketing Leader for IFF.

“In the realm of brand brilliance, Jennifer brings more than 20 years of experience to our team,” Shah said.

“She stands as a seasoned marketing executive, meticulously crafting influential brands that resonate across the global marketplace.

Neha Thomas brings 15 years of experience to the Nutriventia team. With her background in chemistry, she is excited to present the “all-star squad” of Nutriventia ingredients to the US market.

“Nutriventia is poised to continue expanding our business well beyond our home base of India, particularly in the US,” Shah commented.

“The addition of high-level experienced marketing and sales leads, as well as formalising our corporate status in the US, means that we have a solid launch pad for the exciting new developments in science and product innovation going forward,” she added.

Nutriventia’s expertise is consumer-centric, as its signature herbal ingredients are engineered to be consumed as a single dose, for all-day efficacy.

“Focusing on low dose, high impact as a benchmark for our ingredients, we anticipate high trial and repeat purchase rates of products containing them by consumers attracted to the sustained-release attribute,” added Anand Godbole, Vice President of Business Development at Nutriventia.

Poised for growth in 2024, Nutriventia announces key expansion

“Today’s proactive natural health consumer appreciates products that are easy to take – one and done – allowing them to reap the benefit while moving at their own pace.”

Shah noted that Nutriventia has been busy with new research developments as it prepares to make a bigger move into global markets.

Its flagship TurmXTRA turmeric has recently been awarded patents in the United States, the United Kingdom and India.

“These patents have been a priority in the innovation pipeline at Nutriventia and apply to the curcuminoid formulations exhibiting rapid dissolution and optimising bioavailability from a low 250 mg once daily dose,” she explained.

“TurmXTRA is also Clean Label Project certified as it uses excipients obtained from natural sources and is derived from a solvent-free manufacturing process.”

TurmXTRA also received an award from Nutrition Industry Executive as first place winner in the Sports Nutrition category. It was also a finalist in the 2023 NutraIngredients-USA Awards in the sports nutrition category.

TurmXTRA is joined by CaffXtend, Melotime, C-Fence, and Prolanza, all which address support of the most common wellness concerns and goals today’s consumers want.

“We anticipate more human clinical trials on our ingredients, as well as the introduction of new science-backed ingredients in the near future,” Shah promised.

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