Probiotics expert to discuss latest evidence on how some probiotics can benefit mood and sleep

Published: 10-Oct-2023

Located at stand 3171, SupplySide West attendees will learn from Probiotical about new research and how to use science to stay ahead of lucrative probiotic trends

Yes, something as small as a microbe can enable you to grow and distinguish your business! During this year’s SupplySide West, international probiotics powerhouse Probiotical will teach attendees how to fill some of the most lucrative probiotic gaps in the market with safe, high-quality, science-backed strains and blends. 

With 70-plus years of experience in bacteria, Probiotical is committed to educating the industry about what is needed to capitalize on probiotic trends. Today, significant focus is on probiotics’ benefits through their impact on the gut-brain axis. 

A must-see presentation on Probiotics for Mood and Sleep 

On October 26 at 2:00 pm Probiotical Chief Science Officer Marco Pane will present “Mindful Microbes: Probiotics for Mood and Sleep” at the Supplier Presentation Theatre. Mr. Pane has an MSc in Food Biotechnology/Microbiology and is completing his PhD and is a member of the International Probiotic Association Scientific and Manufacturing Committee, a Board Director at the Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) and is a member of the Expert Panel on Probiotics within the US Pharmacopoeia. He has been a coauthor on over 20 clinical trials with probiotics.

The gut-brain axis is responsible for the intricate connection between our gut and emotional state which translates into sensations of discomfort, anxiety and gut distress. It links the central nervous system with the gut, including its microbiota and a wide range of metabolites and chemical signals it generates. 

This axis functions as a rapid communication network that can be positively influenced through strategic interventions. In this presentation, Mr. Pane will explore the profound impact of probiotic organisms on various aspects, including metabolomics, mood regulation, sleep patterns and the biochemical agents circulating within us. This research endeavor sheds light on how a supplement targeted towards gut health could potentially transform mood, quality of life, and the delicate balance between sleep and wakefulness.

More Probiotical events will help attendees become better informed 

Probiotical’s extensive product line includes more than 60 strains and over 600 custom blends currently in production, a bio-portfolio of over 2,000 strains and 80 families of patents. The formulation possibilities are endless! 

On October 26, stop by Probiotical’s booth 3171 to ask questions of their Probiotic experts. These top industry professionals are continually finding new ways for probiotics to improve health and wellness. 

Check out Bifizen® in the New Product Zone window display 

Probiotical’s new four-strain probiotic, Bifizen, is already making industry headlines after a follow-up placebo-controlled study published in the journal, Frontiers in Nutrition, found that it benefits measures of subclinical/occasional depression, anxiety and mood. Blood concentrations of serotonin were significantly higher after six weeks of Bifizen supplementation and remained higher after three weeks post-Bifizen. 

How you can take advantage of Probiotical’s expertise 

Be sure to inquire about how probiotics may benefit your existing formula or new formulas. Each Probiotical product is backed by a compelling body of science – from genomic to pre-clinical to clinical trials – demonstrating efficacy as well as quality and stability. The company also routinely combines probiotics with other ingredients such as prebiotics, botanicals, and minerals, while maintaining viability and confirming stability. 

Stop by Probiotical’s booth #3171 at SupplySide West. If you want to follow up on a conversation with one of their probiotics experts, or if you are unable to attend this year’s event and would like to know more about the company’s portfolio and capabilities, visit

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