Qualicaps has +125 years of experience as a company dedicated to manufacturing capsules. As such, we have a unique perspective on how to contribute to health for the benefit of the patients. Qualicaps delivers hard-two-piece capsules to the consumer healthcare industry and a comprehensive service along the product life cycle through our global team of commercial, scientific, and technical experts. We are a responsible company that takes pride in producing each capsule to offer specific and optimal solutions for drug delivery and overall health and well-being challenges.

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Capsules are the very essence of Qualicaps®

Qualicaps, a responsible company dedicated to supplying two-piece hard capsules and related services, contributes actively to improving people’s health and well-being.

As one of the principal suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry, Qualicaps brings a wealth of expertise to the consumer health market:

  • Over 125 years of capsule manufacturing experience.
  • Proven track record in capsule innovation and custom capsule applications.
  • Capsule, equipment and technology synergies to meet nutritional product manufacturing needs.
  • Commitment to personalized customer support.
  • Excellent technical support.

Highly prepared to produce and deliver quality products and services

With capsule production centers located in Japan, Europe (Spain and Romania), the United States, and Brazil, Qualicaps is highly prepared to produce and deliver quality products and services to multi-national customers and regional ones.


Contributing to the betterment of individuals, society, and the Earth

From Qualicaps, we pledge a sustainable condition that promotes well-being for individuals.

This principle is the foundation of the Qualicaps corporate culture. It is at the core of our strategy, management style, and enterprise-wide responsibility.

How Qualicaps integrates it into our day-to-day business differentiates us in the healthcare world, where our customers rely on ethical business partners

Driving solutions inspired by our customer’s challenges

Qualicaps offers the consumer health industry superior quality vegetal capsules for the protection and delivery of beneficial ingredients. With patented characteristics that make these capsules ideal for a broad range of nutraceutical and nutritional applications, our leading-edge portfolio of empty hard vegetal capsules provides health and nutrition manufacturers with solutions that are in line with consumer preferences.

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