Squalene may reduce mortality and rehospitalisation among COVID-19 subjects

Published: 4-Mar-2024

A groundbreaking clinical trial has revealed promising findings regarding the efficacy of sublingual squalene in decreasing mortality rates and preventing rehospitalisation among subjects with COVID-19

The study, titled "Utilizing the Sublingual Form of Squalene in COVID-19 Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial," investigated the impact of sublingual squalene on patient outcomes during the critical period of the pandemic.

Published in the prestigious journal, Nature, the clinical trial spanned from November 2021 to January 2022 and involved 602 eligible COVID-19 subjects, meticulously divided into two groups: the control group (N = 301) and the treatment group (N = 301).

Both groups were statistically similar in terms of various demographic and clinical parameters, ensuring the validity of the study's findings. 

Subjects in the treatment group received a regimen of five drops of sublingual squalene every 4 hours for 5 days in addition to standard treatment, whereas the control group received standard treatment alone. Patients were closely monitored for 30 days following discharge from the hospital.

The results of the study demonstrated a remarkable difference in outcomes between the two groups.

The treatment group, receiving sublingual squalene alongside standard treatment, experienced a significant decrease in mortality rates (p <0.001). After one month, 94.7% of the patients in the treatment group were alive, compared with 81.4% in the control group.

Furthermore, sublingual squalene showed effectiveness in preventing rehospitalisation owing to COVID-19 (p <0.001). Only 19.3% of the patients in the treatment group required rehospitalisation, compared with to 46.8% in the control group.

"These findings suggest that squalene administered sublingually holds promise as an effective intervention for reducing mortality and rehospitalisation rates among COVID-19 patients," said Dr Ariati Aris, Scientific Affairs Specialist at PhytoGaia.

"This represents a significant step forward and opportunity in our fight against the pandemic, offering a potential lifeline especially for those COVID -19 patients with severe symptoms".

“The role of squalene as an anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory and antioxidant drug offers promise for COVID-19 patients. PhytoGaia offers a novel combination of natural plant squalene + tocotrienol complex (STGaia) that may provide impressive synergistic health benefits,” added Mr Bryan See, Vice President of PhytoGaia.

The results of this groundbreaking study underscore the importance of continued research and innovation in identifying novel therapeutic approaches to combating COVID-19. Further investigation into the potential of sublingual squalene is warranted to unlock its full therapeutic benefits.

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