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PhytoGaia delivers clean, clinically researched palm phytonutrients, including our branded tocotrienols (TocoGaia™), mixed-carotene (CaroGaia™) and plant squalene (STGaia™) to diverse industries. We create sustainable palm ingredients with unparalleled quality attributes, setting us apart from other palm phytonutrient producers.

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Our establishment all began with the involvement of the team in the extraction and production of palm phytonutrients in early 90s. After 30 years of experience and expertise, our commitment and passion remain strong to deliver clean and clinically-researched ingredients for human health and well-being. This is the “WHY”of PhytoGaia.

We bring forth our vast industry experience and in-depth knowledge as well as know-how of oil palm and natural ingredients to our customers, underscores by the best sustainable palm phytonutrient ingredients, couple with novel delivery systems and innovative solutions that not just meet customers’ requirements, but importantly, create values and marketing advantages for their products either through new product development or reformulation of existing products.



Our clinically-researched branded ingredients include:

PhytoGaia Sdn Bhd

TocoGaiaTM   - Natural Full Spectrum Tocotrienols/Tocopherol Complex – also known as the Super Vitamin E Tocotrienols. It is a potent phytonutrient that support healthy aging, brain and cognitive health, liver support, skin and hair growth, and cardiovascular health as well as antioxidant capacity.   

PhytoGaia Sdn Bhd

CaroGaiaTM - Natural Mixed-Carotene Complex. It is a Provitamin-A Carotene that is essential for eye health, immune enhancement, skin nutrition and healthy metabolism. It is used widely as a natural colorant (yellow shades) in foods/drinks

PhytoGaia Sdn Bhd

STGaiaTM - Natural Plant Squalene with Tocotrienols/Tocopherol Complex – a unique and synergistic natural combination that supports healthy skin (moisturizing property that keeps skin young and hydrated) as well as potent antioxidant in arresting free radicals and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


PhytoGaia Sdn Bhd


These products are available in oil suspension, powder and beadlet forms as well as bioenhanced liquid suspension (increased bioavailability) for various applications such as soft gelatin capsule, liquid capsule, tablet, 2-piece hard gelatin capsule, powdered beverages, pet supplements / foods etc.

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