Tetra Pak and Genosa agreement sees first results

Published: 19-Jul-2021

As the first result of this collaboration, its first client has already landed on the market, under the Oliveheart brand

Tetra Pak and Genosa previously announced an agreement by which both would promote the use of the Tetra Pak pack, “Tetra Prisma Aseptic”, for olive oils with the required polyphenol level by the European Commission in order to assure consumers that "contribute to the protection of blood lipids against oxidative stress."

The use of this packaging provides an innovative image that, according to the representatives of this alliance of companies, follows three values demanded by the consumer: taste (a balanced flavour that is accepted by most consumers), health (the minimum level of polyphenols to provide a cardiovascular effect) and sustainability (a packaging with a very low carbon footprint and recyclable).

This packaging innovation achieves that the organoleptical properties and the active polyphenols are protected from damage caused by light and oxygen, allowing the consumer to enjoy these benefits until the last day of expiration.

As the first result of this collaboration, its first client has already landed on the market, under the Oliveheart brand (www.oliveheart.es). CEO of the company, OOP, s.l., Ignacio Aguilar, said: “We have opted for this container and even replaced the glass bottles because we are sure of offering our customers one sustainable choice and at the same time health and taste.

“We were absolutely confident about the group that Tetra Pak, Genosa, Las Valdesas farm and Arteoliva forms.”

Las Valdesas is an oil mill located in Andalusia (Spain) that already obtained the First Prize from the Ministry of Agriculture in 2000 and whose uniqueness is the availability of five varieties of olives. This gives you great flexibility, allowing you to make carefully studied combinations. “The meticulous care from the birth of the olive and the beginning of the maturation, the choice of the precise moment of harvesting, the immediate grinding in the ideal conditions and an adequate conservation, provide you with enough information to obtain a high quality product.”

Arteoliva was a pioneer in the use of Tetra Pak packs in olive oils and has unique facilities to do so under high standard conditions.

Tetra Pak is a leader in sustainable carton packaging and is now focused on the oil industry by offering rigorous sustainability and content protection parameters.

Genosa provides knowledge of the processes to follow at each stage so that the oil that enters the Tetra Prisma Aseptic does so in the right conditions. In addition, Genosa already has a mapping in which it has identified the geographical areas where oils can be found that meet the necessary requirements, an adequate level of polyphenols and balanced organoleptical characteristics that satisfy the palates of most consumers. According to Carlos Peña, Genosa CEO, said: “After Oliveheart we will see many other products in the marketplace; sustainability is a must and the protection of actives and hence the health benefits is also something that consumer demands.”

Oliveheart is backed by twenty years of agronomic study, harvesting, production, conservation season after season, using its own resources and the most recognised official centers. It was awarded a gold medal at the 2014 NYIOOC, among others. "We want the consumer to understand that what we offer is synonymous of quality and that we care about their health, as well as our commitment to the environment." "The effort of the farmer to achieve these qualities and those levels of antioxidants deserves to be adequately protected in an ideal container," said Ignacio Aguilar, OOP CEO.

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