Unigen to launch ingredients for respiratory & immune health

Published: 3-Mar-2022

Attenuti is suitable for short term support of respiratory health, whereas Symetrian is being marketed as a long-term dietary supplement for all demographics

Unigen will introduce two botanical ingredients supporting respiratory health and immune homeostasis at this year’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim.

Dr Qi Jia, Unigen CEO and CSO said: “Since early 2020, Unigen shifted its R&D focus to immune and respiratory health. We evaluated hundreds of bioflavonoids in our PhytoLogix library and historic data on maintaining a healthy level of an alarmin protein called HMGB1 that is proven to support and protect the immune function of the respiratory system.”

Derived from roots of Scutellaria baicalensis and heartwood of Acacia catechu, Attenutin contains two types of bioflavonoids said to support innate and adaptive immunity while supporting antibody IgA and IgG production and a healthy level of cytokine.. The ingredient has reportedly been proven to increase levels of glutathione peroxidase, demonstrating strong antioxidant activity. It’s suitable for short term usage with vitamin C and zinc during immune-stressing seasons.

The company will also launch Symetrian, a standardised, aloe-based composition for healthy immune homeostasis. The company says the ingredient has been shown to promote production of circulating TCRγδ+ Gamma delta T cells, leading to heightened immune surveillance at portals of entry. The ingredient has also been clinically shown to increase anti-oxidation capacity through elevated levels of glutathione peroxidase. In clinical trials, a single oral dose showed statistically significant progressive activation of lymphocytes over a three-hour period in the blood compared to a placebo, Unigen says. Symetrian is suitable as a long-term dietary supplement.

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