Force Factor launches chews for mood support

Published: 28-Feb-2024

The formula is designed to calm nerves, relieve stress and promote feelings of positivity

PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced a collaboration with Force Factor, an award-winning global health company, to create and introduce a new supplement designed to enhance mood and relieve feelings of stress.

Force Factor’s Happy Mood soft chews feature the stress reducing, mood enhancing properties of Zembrin® a novel, clinically studied extract of the South African succulent plant Sceletium tortuosum

Zembrin could help people achieve an improved mood by introducing a sense of calm and alert focus.* 

It’s an experiential ingredient that has been shown to start working in as little as two hours and is safe enough to be used every day, for months. 

The product is available at The Vitamin Shoppe as well as e-commerce retailers Amaon and iHerb.

Sean Hannan, the VP of Science and Innovation for Force Factor, commented:

“The clinical science behind Zembrin supports its ability to promote a positive mood and relieve stress. Happy Mood contains 25 mg of Zembrin as well as magnesium, Vitamin D, and B vitamins. It also contains 10 mg of saffron (Crocus sativa), a species of flowering plant that has also been shown to improve mood.* 


An ancient remedy improved by modern science

Zembrin is a novel, patented, clinically studied extract of the South African succulent plant Sceletium tortuosum

Sceletium has been used as a mood enhancer and stress reliever by the Khoi-San of South Africa, with a culture that stretches back thousands of years. Zembrin has an extensive and forward-thinking clinical science program including five gold standard clinical trials published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Studies have shown that a 25 mg per day dose of Zembrin can reduce anxiety-related activity within two hours of administration.*

Zembrin innovator, HG&H Pharmaceuticals, employs a seed-to-shelf ingredient management program with its specially cultivated Sceletium tortuosum raw materials. 

The company endeavours to only use cultivated plant material to avoid depleting threatened wild plant stocks and to ensure consistent product quality.






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