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YSK Japan invests $5.5 million in NAG production facilities

This comes in response to the growing demand for N-acetyl glutamine combined with an increase in notifications for knee joints

Taiyo's seed extract and Sunfiber combination achieves Informed Ingredient certification

MorActive has a significant effect on lower back discomfort and Sunfiber’s use as a nutritional carrier eliminates the need for maltodextrin

Study reveals the effects of TriNutra’s black seed oil on itchy scalps

The human clinical trial was conducted following extensive in vitro research which revealed B’utyQuin’s constituents act synergistically to maximis...

The future of joint and bone health

More than one third of consumers want to address their joint and bone health during the next 12 months. In fact, they’ve become progressively more...

Hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure, study reveals

The research paper combined results from more than 20 studies to examine a range of health effects linked with consumption of Hibiscus tea, particu...

Kori Krill Oil launches Omega-3 gummies

The supplement supports heart, brain, joint, eyes, skin and immune health and comes available in several flavours

On-mind and on-trend: formulating products for cognitive well-being

Global cases of anxiety and depression jumped 25% in the first year of the pandemic.1 It’s a startling fact but one that explains why, in 2022, con...

The many healthy ageing benefits of black seed oil

As time goes on, the mainstream cosmetic industry is increasingly dipping into the nutraceutical sector to find ways to extend our health span and,...

Study reveals impact of Euromed’s pomegranate extract

The company’s natural ingredient Pomanox shows potential to help reduce food intake

Nutriventia launches new sustained release ashwagandha

The new product, named Prolanza, has been unveiled alongside a new study illustrating its impressive duration of therapeutic effects

A complete palette of extracts, vitamins and minerals for healthier joints and stronger bones

Joint pain is a common complaint that doesn’t generally require a hospital visit but can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life. Dr David D...

Beauty boom: four trends shaping nutricosmetics for skin in 2022 and beyond

Until recently, it could be said that conventional skincare was only “skin deep.” The products lining supermarket shelves were made up of topical s...

Gadot predicts high winter demand for zinc

The company is well placed to fulfill the product pipeline for the immune-support season

Ceramides: an ally for dry skin

With the increasing use of ceramides in topical solutions, Seppic's Lea Marchal, Nutrition Product Manager, reviews the benefits of orally ingested...

Can probiotics slow osteoporosis in early menopause?

Pendulum Therapeutics has teamed up with Australian Catholic University to investigate the impact of probiotics on metabolism in early-stage menopause

Generational divide: the drivers behind dietary supplement demands

Consumers of all ages are seeking proactive solutions to support their overall well-being; dietary supplements provide an opportunity to do just th...

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Megalabs provides breakdown of two new supplements for the US

Betterbrand chooses Kyowa Hakko for postbiotic ingredient in respiratory gummy supplement

Sabinsa to showcase innovative nutraceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients at Bio Asia-Taiwan

Discovering New Horizons for Glutathione Market Expansion - Setria Glutathione Webinar

Article on GOED Clinical Study Database methodology published in peer-reviewed journal

GELITA’s VERISOL granted health claim in Japan

Bridge2Food Active, Performance and Sport

Making history: clinically proven predrinking pill goes on sale in the UK

Most consumers read supplement labels and use products safely, IPSOS survey reveals

SupplySide West 2015

ClariGenZ reveals how BioCitroid is taking the world by storm

Genuine Health launches new focus supplement with Lion's Mane Mushroom

GELITA publishes 2021 sustainability report

Vitafoods South America

Sabinsa to showcase innovative ingredients at Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo (Spain)

Quercetin Phytosome vs. COVID-19: One more scientific evidence

Kemin granted US patent for treatment of human immune function

NutraFormulate 2015

Stratum Nutrition introduces market ready dairy free BLIS K12 and BLIS M18

GOED develops new consumer infographic highlighting European health claims for omega-3s

SIRIO launches Plantegrity softgel range at Vitafoods

Sabinsa to highlight research-supported ingredients and new beverage concepts at IFIA Japan 2022

Active nutrition in 2022 and beyond

NSF and Wegmans launch verification programme for supplements