The synergistic power of Lumenato on skin structure and collagen protection

Published: 1-Mar-2024

Two-fold benefits from combining Lumenato and ceramides for collagen loss protection

A pre-clinical study just released in Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology demonstrates benefits to skin structure from using Lycored’s Lumenato combined with ceramides. 

The results show combining even low concentrations of ceramides with Lumenato results in synergistic effects within the body that lead to high levels of protection from collagen loss.

Over years of exposure to environmental stressors, collagen and ceramides —which keep skin firm, elastic and strong — begin to decrease. 

By age 40, around 30 percent of collagen is lost and by age 50, nearly 60 percent of ceramides are lost. 

This leads to the appearance of aging through the formation of wrinkles and dry, thin-looking skin.

To assess the effectiveness of Lumenato in this study, specifically when combined with ceramides, the authors mimicked environmental stressors on skin cells by activating them with Tumour Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-a) to trigger an immune response. 

The results found two-fold benefits from using Lumenato combined with ceramides. 

After testing both Lumenato and ceramides alone, the benefits of combining showed significant improvement (nearly 4x) on preventing collagen loss in the cells. 

Additionally, results showed the upper level of collagen protection across different levels of ceramides while keeping Lumenato levels consistent, showing the power of Lumenato in working with ceramides while also supporting structure and effectiveness at low levels.

These findings support those of previous studies, which highlight the power of Lumenato on improving skin structure, elasticity, firmness, and more.

Elizabeth Tarshish, PhD, Head of Claims and Clinical Affairs at Lycored, states: “With this growing body of evidence around Lumenato, we are pleased to see how Lumenato affects the body internally and works externally to support skin structure and collagen protection. These promising results continue to show how Lumenato can be used to improve the efficiency and potency of skin health solutions that support beauty from within.”



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