Oregon sees bolstered cranberry harvest

Published: 2-Apr-2024

Favourable conditions have resulted in a 17.5% increase in the Oregon harvest

Ethical Naturals, maker of Cranberex, a high potency extract standardised to cranberry’s active A-Type PACs, follows the annual cranberry harvest carefully, and has seen a 17.5% increase in the Oregon harvest. 

In 2023, the cranberry harvest in the northeastern states of the US was down about 5.4% as compared to 2022, but the good weather and favourable growing conditions led to a substantial increase in 2024. 

Cal Bewicke, CEO of Ethical Naturals, stated: “2022 was a difficult year for supply of the highest-grade berries and key suppliers were running low on extracts by the end of 2023. Though demand for the high-grade material continues to grow, we see more favourable pricing and supply through 2024 due to the robust harvest in Oregon.”

Oregon’s first commercial cranberry farm was established in 1885 in Coos County by a grower who migrated there from Massachusetts and brought cranberry cuttings with him. 

Coos and neighbouring Curry County are where Oregon’s cranberry industry still thrives today. 

Though Oregon only produces about 5% of the nation’s cranberry harvest (the bulk is produced in Wisconsin and Massachusetts), the berries produced in Oregon have particular characteristics that are especially valued for high-grade cranberry extract production: the coast’s temperate climate and long growing season give Oregon cranberries a deeper red colour and higher PAC (proanthocyanin) level than those grown in other states.


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