Probi and ProViva celebrate 30 years of tasteful cooperation

Published: 14-May-2024

ProViva has been using Probi's patented live lactic acid bacteria in its functional beverages for 30 years

ProViva and Probi, two nutraceutical companies that specialise in the production of probiotic supplements, have celebrated a 30-year collaboration. 

In 1994, the first ProViva drink was launched in Sweden, containing Probi's patented live bacteria Lactiplantibacillus plantarum 299v (LP299V). The 30th anniversary celebrations kicked off on May 7 in Rosendal's garden in Stockholm with a brunch event.

In addition to Probi and ProViva's presence, the influencer duo Foodgeekz also participated, who together with other invited guests got to test their favorite flavors of ProViva. 

ProViva was launched 30 years ago and the innovation behind ProViva, live lactic acid bacteria from Probi, is what still makes it unique today.

The story began with a research group at Lund University who wanted to investigate whether it was possible to reduce inflammation in the body and support the body's immune system by adding good bacteria. The result was the patented probiotic strain LP299V, which ProViva still uses today, and the first drink on the Swedish market with functional benefits.

The blueberry and rosehip flavors were the first to be launched and thirty years later are still among the best-selling flavors in ProViva's range.

"With the 30th anniversary, we want to celebrate the history behind ProViva, but also all the incredible new taste innovations and variants that have been added over the years. All so that as many consumers as possible can find their favourite," says Mette Drakenberg, Head of Danone Sweden. 


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