Rousselot to spotlight holistic benefits of collagen peptides at Vitafoods Europe 2024

Published: 17-Apr-2024

The company will highlight three new clinical studies that support new benefits concerning its PEPTAN collagen peptide brand

Rousselot, Darling Ingredients’ collagen and gelatin brand, will be showcasing its science-backed portfolio of collagen and gelatin solutions at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, Switzerland on May 14-16, 2024.  

The company will highlight three new clinical studies that support new benefits concerning its PEPTAN collagen peptide brand. 

These studies have shown Peptan’s ability to improve sleep quality[1], reduce gastrointestinal discomfort[2] and enhance skin density, hydration and elasticity.[3] 

Florencia Moreno Torres, Rousselot Global Business Development Manager Health & Nutrition, will present: “Collagen peptides: The ultimate beauty from within ingredient plus a holistic well-being twist,” at 2:30 p.m. CET on May 15 at the New Ingredients Theatre. 

Rousselot will also highlight its new discovery in active collagen peptides that is believed to provide targeted health benefits through its proprietary process. 

Visitors can learn more from Elke de Clerck, Rousselot Global Science & Innovation Director, during the session: “Breaking the collagen code: Discover the future of targeted peptides,” 11:30 a.m. CET on May 15 at the New Ingredients Theatre.

Visitors to the booth will be able to learn about PEPTINEX, a source of collagen for supplements and functional foods, PROTAKE, for collagen and/or protein enrichment in food and beverage products and COLARTIX, a unique hydrolysed cartilage matrix which has been shown to support decreased joint discomfort at a low dosage regardless of gender, age and sport intensity.[4]



1 Thomas, C., et al., Collagen peptide supplementation before bedtime reduces sleep fragmentation and improves cognitive function in physically active males with sleep complaints. European Journal of Nutrition, 2023, doi:10.1007/s00394-023-03267-w

2 Taylor, G., et al., The effects of collagen peptides on exercise-induced gastrointestinal stress: a randomized, controlled trial. Eur J Nutr., 2023, 62(2): p. 1027-1039.

3 Rousselot data, manuscript in preparation

4 C. Newman, et al., “Development of a Mobile App to Monitor the Effectiveness of a Hydrolyzed Cartilage Matrix Supplement on Joint       Discomfort: Real-World Study”, JMIR Form Res 2023;7:e42967, doi: 10.2196/42967. 

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