Nextida: Rousselot’s novel collagen solution line with unique health benefits

Published: 13-May-2024

The Nextida collagen peptide range will focus on preventive health, with Nextida.GC — a glucose balancing ingredient — being the first product to launch

Rousselot, a collagen and gelatin brand by Darling Ingredients, has announced the launch of Nextida, an innovative platform of specific collagen peptide compositions with new targeted health benefits, at Vitafoods Europe 2024.

Built and backed by science, Nextida stands as a trusted solution to support the body’s balance naturally.


New applications for collagen in supplements

Gaëtan Noiret, Global Director, Health & Nutrition at Rousselot, comments: “NEXTIDA is set to bring collagen and its applications to a new era of supplements. Featuring an extensive library of collagen peptides with a proven mode of action, the Nextida platform aims to unlock new targeted benefits which were never previously associated with collagen peptides — particularly in the realm of preventive health. Patrons at Vitafoods Europe 2024 can talk to the Rousselot team about the novel innovation.”

By decoding collagen language, Rousselot has uncovered an extensive library of specific collagen peptide compositions, Noiret explains: “The multiple and well-known holistic benefits that collagen peptides provide, ranging from skin beauty to mobility support, suggest the presence of hidden messages in the collagen molecule sequence that go beyond collagen synthesis. At Rousselot, we are unraveling these hidden messages by testing specific compositions of collagen peptides in cellular models, purposely designed to mimic our body’s natural modes of action. We then select the most effective compositions and turn them into innovative solutions for specific health benefits.”



The first product to be released in the Nextida range is Nextida.GC, an ingredient packed with a range of functional collagen peptides: “At this time, we can only reveal that Nextida.GC will be the first commercialised specific collagen peptides product from the Nextida platform,” Gaëtan states. 

“Although we are introducing Nextida at Vitafoods Europe 2024, the official launch of Nextida.GC will take place at Supply Side West, where we’ll be revealing all the details and results of our studies. At this stage, we can share that Nextida.GC has been designed to help healthy people maintain balanced glucose levels after a meal.”

A comprehensive testing and validation process involving preclinical and clinical studies will be conducted, which will include evaluation of the efficacy and safety of these compositions.

Results from scientific studies on the impact of Nextida.GC on glucose metabolism will be unveiled at the annual SupplySide West event in Las Vegas, October 28-31, 2024.

“Nextida is poised to make waves in the industry with its unique applications. Building on Rousselot’s scientific knowledge and production capabilities, this new platform opens an ocean of untapped market opportunities within the collagen space that may have previously been unimagined, marking a new chapter of growth and development for our industry.” Noiret concludes.

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