AiFlex’inside – a proven formula for joint health

Published: 5-Mar-2024

AiFlex’inside uses natural botanical ingredients proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties and to decrease pain sensitivity

Activ’Inside, a leading French expert in developing active ingredients and formulations for nutritional supplements, is proud to unveil its latest innovation in joint care – AiFlex’inside.

Responding to the increasing apprehensions of consumers regarding joint health, AiFlex’inside aims to establish new benchmarks for joint health, mobility, and overall well-being, specifically catering to the needs of athletes and seniors.

Formulated primarily with natural botanical ingredients proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties and to decrease pain sensitivity, AiFlex’inside not only targets joint discomfort but also enhances crucial factors for both athletes and seniors, such as sports performance and overall quality of life.

A rising demand for the joint health category

Joint health is a prevalent concern for consumers worldwide, with nearly half of them expressing the desire to move freely and effortlessly as the defining factor for good joint health.

According to recent statistics, 48% of individuals emphasise the importance of being able to move without suffering from aches and pains, while 34%1 actively seek nutritional supplements with claims focused on improving bone and joint health.

In response to these prevalent challenges, Activ’Inside proudly presents AiFlex’inside, a solution meticulously formulated with meadowsweet, saffron, and vitamin C. This targeted formula not only addresses existing joint concerns but also proactively promotes mobility, catering to the specific needs and desires expressed by consumers.

Why AiFlex’inside is the Ideal Joint Care Solution

Scientifically Proven Efficacy: AiFlex’inside contains a patented saffron extract, backed by a proprietary clinical ex vivo study demonstrating a reduction in inflammation. This evidence supports its efficacy in addressing joint concerns. The formula also contains meadowsweet which has a proven mechanism of action for a pain decreasing effect.

Rheumatologist Approved: In a rheumatologist-supervised open trial with 100 participants, involving both athletes and seniors experiencing joint discomfort, AiFlex’inside™ showcased a confirmed decrease in discomfort with a daily 100 mg dosage over a two-month period. This solidifies its position as a trustworthy solution for consumers aiming for peak joint health.

Backed by Official Recognition and User Affirmation: AiFlex’inside not only boasts a range of pending-claims from EFSA and consumers but also stands out with 82% of athletes expressing reduced exercise challenges, underlining its adaptability for diverse lifestyles. 72% of seniors incorporating AiFlex’inside into their routine witness a remarkable enhancement in their quality of life, affirming its profound positive influence on overall well-being.

Having been perceived as more efficient and rapid in action than rival products by 8 out of 10 consumers, AiFlex’inside is not just a formula; it's a joint care solution designed to meet the diverse expectations of a wide range of demographics notably athletes and seniors.

This resounding approval solidifies its standing as a versatile and forward-thinking formula. By addressing the specific concerns highlighted in consumer surveys and backed by scientific evidence, AiFlex’inside emerges as an ideal and reliable choice for those seeking holistic joint care.

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Title: Flexibility and Fitness - A Joint Venture for a Healthier Life with AiFlex’inside
Market: EUROPE
Date: 21 MARCH 2024
Time: 10:30 am (UTC+1)
Key Takeaways:
- Uncover how AiFlex’inside improves the quality of life and sport performances by alleviating joint discomfort in athletes and older individuals.
- Understand the thought process behind formulating AiFlex’inside and its mechanisms for effectively reducing inflammation.
- Learn about packaging claims and discover the potential for private label customisation with AiFlex’inside.

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