Blue Monday: Safr’Inside, Activ’Inside's saffron extract for seeing life through rose-colored glasses

Published: 16-Jan-2024

Safr’Inside acts as a serotonin amplifier, helping to combat the negative effects of stress while naturally promoting positive mood and emotional health, without side effects

While Blue Monday, the concept of the most depressing day of the year, may be a term invented for marketing purposes, the reality of winter blues is indeed palpable. According to a study by the psychiatry department at the University of Glasgow involving 150,000 participants, mood decline, fatigue, and anhedonia peak during the winter months, affecting 15% of adults mildly (mood disorder) and 3% severely (seasonal depression). Activ’Inside, a French Healthtech company, has developed Safr'Inside™, a natural saffron extract, notably rich in safranal, a component known to induce stress reduction, and 10 times higher in concentration than market standards. Safr’Inside™ also includes other active compounds or metabolites such as crocins and picocrocins, contributing to better mental and emotional well-being. Finally, a scientifically validated natural solution that brings brightness to the gloom of Blue Monday!

Saffron, a natural stress reliever enhanced by Activ’Inside

While saffron has been known for its benefits in traditional medicine for millennia, Activ’Inside distinguishes itself by deeply understanding its mechanisms of action and optimising its extraction process. Developed in 2015, after identifying safranal as the key metabolite, [MM1] in 2014, Safr’Inside™ is a 100% pure extract of saffron (Crocus sativus L.), with its story beginning in Seno, Iran, far from urban pollution. Derived from the purest and most compound-rich part, Safr’Inside™ is certified free from GMOs and allergens, ensuring the absence of artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.

To guarantee quality and efficacy, Safr’Inside™ benefits from a unique extraction process that preserves the active molecules of saffron, providing a standardised extract with optimal concentrations of bioactive compounds, including safranal. The encapsulation technology preserves the native composition of saffron, ensuring a safranal concentration up to 10 times higher than market standards!

Safr’Inside™, clinically proven effectiveness

Clinical and preclinical studies conducted as part of the Silver Brain Food (SBF) program by Activ’Inside and academic partners such as BPH (Bordeaux Population Health) and Nutrineuro have revealed the positive impact of Safr’Inside™ on various aspects of mental well-being. These studies, supported by an ex-vivo study, highlighted its positive effects on maintaining positive mood, stress response, and sleep improvement.

In 2021, Activ’Inside also published the first study demonstrating one of the mechanisms of action of Safr’Inside™, rich in safranal, on protecting the transmission of serotonin, the happiness hormone.

Safr’Inside™ acts as a serotonin amplifier, helping to combat the negative effects of stress while naturally promoting positive mood and emotional health, without side effects!

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