Blending, filling, packaging: an all-round service from a single source

Published: 30-Aug-2017

FiE 2017, Stand F59, Hall 8: SternMaid will present its contract services in the field of powdered products

The contract manufacturer SternMaid will be introducing itself at FiE 2017 as an expert in blending, optimising and filling food ingredients and supplements in powder form.

Premixes, trial blends or sensitive applications — when it comes to compounding powders, the company can rely on comprehensive know-how and the latest technical equipment.

In copacking, the focus this year will be on retail packs and the new option of filling products into stand-up pouches. Besides its technical solutions, SternMaid will also present its wide spectrum of services.

In food production, blending is often one of the key stages of the process and plays a crucial role in the quality of the end product.

SternMaid is in an excellent position to fulfil customer orders of this kind and subsequently fill the powders into many of the usual retail packs. Moreover, the contract manufacturer offers the entire service chain, including purchase of the raw waterials, packaging, warehousing and delivery – all from one source.

Customers can either take advantage of the whole package or choose individual modules, according to their needs.

Extended copacking offer

To respond even more flexibly to customers’ wishes, SternMaid invested in a Doypack line at the beginning of this year.

That means the copacking service provider can now fill products like dry beverage bases, superfoods, dietetic drinks in powder form or products for athletes into ready-made stand-up pouches, with or without a zipper, and three- or four-edge seal bags.

Besides retail packs, industrial containers such as sacks, fibreboard boxes, drums or FIBCs can be filled, too.

Contract blending

For contract blending, the company has three lines for small and medium-size orders between 100 and 10,000 kg and four other lines for large quantities more than ten tonnes.

Allergen-free foods and other sensitive products can be processed on a counter-current container blending line in a separate section of the plant.

Moreover, liquid components can be sprayed onto the powder homogenously on all the lines through special nozzles. Microcomponents such as flavourings, oils and emulsifiers and even highly viscous liquids can be dispersed evenly in this way.

Product optimisation in the fluid bed processor

What's more, the company can use fluid bed technology to manufacture products that have excellent tabletting properties, optimal protection against outside influences, good flow properties, precisely defined solubility or very even particle sizes, depending on the customer’s requirements.

For example, powder mixtures can be modified by agglomeration to produce dust-free, optimally portionable products for drink dispensers or capsule machines.

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