Coenzyme Q10 improves physical performance in older adults, study finds

Published: 27-Feb-2024

A recent study has suggested that CoQ10 enhances physical performance in older adults with statin-associated asthenia

Dietary supplementation with CoQ10 Phytosome (Indena’s UBIQSOME) has been clinically proven to improve physical performance in older adults with statin-associated asthenia. 

The study was presented at the 32nd European Meeting On Hypertension And Cardiovascular Protection in June 2023.

The double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study was aimed to investigate the effect of chronic dietary supplementation with CoQ10 Phytosome on physical performance maintenance in older adults with self-reported statin-associated asthenia.

The 60 subjects enrolled for the trial, 33 men and 27 women, were randomised to receive daily supplementation either with placebo or 150 mg CoQ10 Phytosome for 8 weeks. 

At baseline, the subjects were evaluated for clinical status, and by the execution of a physical examination and laboratory analyses.

After the first 4 weeks of supplementation, both groups saw significant improvement in asthenia symptoms compared to baseline. 

Four weeks later, the effect on asthenia was maintained in the supplemented group. Statistical significance was reached both versus baseline and versus placebo.

“We’re very proud that UBIQSOME, our coenzyme Q10 formulated with Phytosome, has been useful for the trial,” – says Serena Tongiani, Chief Product Officer at Indena.

“The preliminary clinical evidence confirms the value of our product in the field of cardiovascular health. We’ve been working to confirm the benefits of UBIQSOME® as a CoQ10 supplement.”

“This independent study is consistent with the capacity of UBIQSOME to reach the right biological target, and indicates its potential in case of asthenia in statin-users.”

As known, coenzyme Q10 plays a central role in generation and regulation of cell bioenergy, being involved in transferring of electrons within the mitochondrial oxidative respiratory chain and hence, ATP production. 

It has also been reported to have antioxidant and beneficial effects in improving human health and well-being. 


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