Cognitive and metabolic health boosters: Indena presents its botanical range at Vitafoods Europe

Published: 14-May-2024

The company will showcase its range of extracts for positive metabolic modulation, as well as cognitive and emotional health, at Vitafoods Europe

Indena, a company specialising in the development of nutraceutical ingredients, will focus on cognitive health and balancing metabolism at Vitafoods Europe 2024. It will share insights and news about its strategies to support these health aspects, welcoming stakeholders from the 14—16 May to Booth B96 at the Palexpo in Geneva.

“We’re happy to be at Vitafoods again bringing some of our most important products with a proven efficacy both for brain health and metabolism’s balance,” says Francesca de Rensis, Marketing Director at Indena “Our Virtiva plus, Ginkgo biloba with Phosphatidylserine, Enovita, grape seed extract, Mirtoselect, bilberry extract and our melissa Phytosome, Relissa, are all natural solutions to promote good mental health."

“For a healthy metabolism, we have developed Berbevis, Indena’s berberine Phytosome, and Vazguard, Indena’s bergamot Phytosome.”


Bolstering cognitive and emotional health

To address the emerging needs of consumers to boost their brain health, Indena has developed multiple high quality next generation extracts.

  • Virtiva Plus is a standardised Ginkgo biloba extract combined with phosphatidylserine, the major phospholipid in the brain, to synergistically support memory, learning, vocabulary skills and concentration 
  • Enovita is a grape seed extract benefits cardiovascular and mental health thanks to a positive proven double effect on endothelial function and on stress and mood
  • Mirtoselect is an innovative standardised bilberry extract containing more than 36% of anthocyanins, scientifically validated in multiple human studies in vascular and eye health

The proven benefits of these ingredients on microcirculation, vascular health and eye health opened the way to a new research, currently in progress, to study the action of these extracts on cognition that is strictly linked to aspects as memory, concentration and visual acuity.

Talking about brain health also means considering emotional health. That’s why Indena’s proposal to support brain health includes also Relissa, a health food ingredient based on the formulation of Melissa officinalis with phospholipids, i.e. Melissa Phytosome, to optimise dispersion in gastrointestinal fluids and biological performance. 

Melissa leaves are a traditional sleep aid, but their biological activity is mostly due to hydroxycinnamic and rosmarinic acids and derivatives. Indena’s researchers achieved the perfect quantification and formulation of these two chemicals, making Relissa a standardised, reliable and melatonin-free supplementation to support sleep wellness and stress tolerance during the day. 

To go deeper in Indena’s proposals to support brain health don’t miss the presentation by Serena Tongiani, Chief Portfolio Officer at Indena, Boost your brain and mental health with the help of nature, on May 15th, 12pm, New Ingredients Theatre.


Botanicals for a balanced metabolism

Berberine is a natural extract which, thanks to a pleiotropic effect, helps optimise peripheral blood metabolic profiles by modulating plasma sugar, insulin and lipid levels, thus resulting as a precious resource for metabolic wellbeing. 

Working with berberine as the primary ingredient, Indena developed Berbevis, formulated with Indena Phytosome, its multi-faceted technology platform to improve the effectiveness and target ability of a wide range of natural compounds. 

Studies show that Berbevis supplementation modulates insulin levels effectively and noticeably improves the blood sugar profile.

Moreover, participants in a recent human study, showed a statistically significant, positive modulation of lipid parameters, including total cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL, while maintaining a healthy body composition when taking Berbevis. 

Vazguard is a standardised extract from Bergamot, Citrus bergamia Risso et Poiteau, formulated with Indena Phytosome. 

The ingredient has been shown to support health in case of challenges related to metabolism, such as high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol or aberrant triglyceride levels.


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