CoffeeFruit Pure antioxidant ingredient makes market debut

Published: 2-Oct-2017

CoffeeFruit Pure, maker of pure and sustainable antioxidant ingredients, launched its premium CoffeeFruit Pure ingredient at SupplySide West.

CoffeeFruit Pure is an antioxidant-rich superfruit that is available as a liquid, powder or tea cut, with applications in food, beverage, dietary supplement and personal care products.

“CoffeeFruit Pure was developed with a mission to leverage the exceptional nutritional value of coffee fruit, while making use of the previously discarded fruit material found in traditional coffee production,” said Stuart Nixon, Business Development Director at CoffeeFruit Pure.

“We are delighted to introduce this innovative new ingredient, and believe it has tremendous market potential. It provides not only nutritional and healthy ageing support, but also brings compelling benefits to local communities and the environment.”

Independent testing confirms that the purity and potency of the antioxidants in CoffeeFruit Pure far surpass those in other popular fruit-derived super foods, exceeding particularly in both phenolic and chlorogenic acid content.

CoffeeFruit Pure has perfected a proprietary water-based extraction process that utilises only the skin and pulp of the fruit, once the bean has been removed.

The delicate coffee fruit is processed immediately, before decay and fermentation produces harmful mycotoxins that potentially contaminate local land and waterways.

CoffeeFruit Pure is gently processed without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents, allowing the purity, nutritional benefits and antioxidant power to be retained.

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