Colorcon featuring label friendly excipients and coatings at SupplySide West

Published: 6-Oct-2023

As the nutritional supplement sector continues to grow, consumers are looking for products containing naturally derived, familiar, and recognizable ingredients. Manufacturers are seeking efficient production practices for delivering label friendly finished goods while meeting regulatory requirements. Coloron has the solutions to overcome the challenges of this complex and competitive environment!

Colorcon welcomes visitors who are interested in exploring our range of label-friendly excipients and coatings to stop by booth #3071 at SupplySide West. We’ll be showcasing:

  • Exceptional Compressibility, Flow and Lubricity for Easier Tablet Processing - Starting with the tablet or capsule core, naturally derived excipients Nutracore®, Label Friendly Excipients provide the compressibility, flow and lubricity that makes tablet processing easy; and Colorcon’s pregelatinized starches help to stabilize the core by scavenging moisture and reducing degradation.
  • Coating Efficiency for Label Friendly Products - Nutrafinish®, Dietary Supplement Coatings offer efficient and consistent manufacturing performance that's free of TiO2. These coatings play a functional role in shielding the consumer from unpleasant taste and odors, while protecting the tablet from environmental factors such as heat and light.
  • NEW Stability and Moisture Management Solutions, From Core to Coatings to In-Package – We have expanded our portfolio to include high-quality, controlled-atmosphere packaging that is specifically designed to protect from moisture and oxygen. We invite you to be among the first to see our new functional packaging range at booth #5937.

With our best-in-class range of tableting excipients and fully formulated coatings, Colorcon enables manufacturers to simplify their processes, reduce time-to-market, and, most importantly, deliver products of exceptional quality that consumers will value and trust. Our technical experts look forward to discussing development capabilities and sharing insights on how we can help speed your product to market!


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