Consumers are choosing ‘experiential’ in supplements

Published: 20-Jan-2022

A major trend that was emerging before the pandemic, but has accelerated during the pandemic, is consumers looking to categories and delivery formats that offer a distinct experience in the categories and delivery forms they choose

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly focused on the holistic experience of the products they choose. Whether it is spurred by changing needs, interest in innovative trends, or simply personal enjoyment, people are looking for new experiences. In the dietary supplements market, several factors affect consumer experience, with one of the most important being delivery format.

When looking at the delivery formats in the supplements market, there are the traditional formats which include conventional tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders, and then there are the experiential formats which include gummy, soft chew, lozenge, & oral-dissolving tablets. Traditional formats are estimated to account for 53% of the US Market; however, the traditional format growth Pre-Covid (2.0%) and Post-Covid (0.6%) is well behind the growth of experiential dose forms. With growth of 17.1% Pre-Covid and 6.5% Post-Covid, it is clear consumers are looking for these formats in the market and these formats are setting a precedence for innovation moving forward.

When looking for a partner who can bring your experiential products to life, Catalent’s innovative dose formats and experience can help.

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