DELTA by Kappa Bioscience now boasts 1% high-concentration of K2

Published: 18-Jun-2019

New concentration of the vitamin K2 MK-7 enhances development opportunities for multi-ingredient products that target bone and cardiovascular health

Kappa Bioscience has released a new 1% high-concentration for its K2VITAL product, the company's vitamin K2 MK-7 product.

DELTA is microencapsulated for enhanced stability in mineral and multivitamin formulations. The new concentration enhances development opportunities for multi-ingredient products that target bone and cardiovascular health.

Microencapsulation protection

Microencapsulation protection is critical for vitamin K2 when it is formulated with minerals such as calcium or magnesium. In 2012 Kappa Bioscience discovered that K2 degrades in the presence of minerals, and many K2 consumer products were not shelf-stable.

After a year in development, Kappa launched microencapsulated K2VITAL DELTA, a double-coated beadlet in a 0.2% solution.

DELTA has gained wide acceptance in a range of dosage forms and global sales are estimated at approximately 12% of the K2 market.

K2VITAL portfolio

The new 1% DELTA concentration is the most recent upgrade to the K2VITAL portfolio and was created to deliver advantages in formulation, storage and cost-in-use efficiency.

Vitamin K2 is a rapidly growing market that is on pace to replicate the vitamin D3 market within a decade.

K2VITAL DELTA microencapsulation solves the obstacle of K2+minerals shelf stability, allowing wider K2 use with innovative co- ingredients and innovative dosage forms.

Health benefits

K2VITAL promotes bone and heart health by activating two proteins which balance calcium in the body.

K2 is an essential vitamin and is required in all stages of life. Vitamin K2 provides synergistic benefits to calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 product formulation and is a 'perfect pair' complement to vitamin D3.

Healthy ageing, joint and mobility, and sports nutrition are just some of the market categories currently leveraging the bone and heart health benefits of K2.

Kappa Bioscience has developed over 150 vitamin K2 product formulations that are available for license-free launch. Contact Kappa for more information on launching a K2VITAL DELTA product.

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