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Study validates b-2Cool native type II collagen as a trusted source for mobility solutions

For dietary supplement manufacturers seeking easy-to-formulate solutions, the research highlights b-2Cool as an efficacious ingredient for use in h...

Dairy protein benefits for seniors

Dairy proteins can bring a little serenity to the life of seniors

California Prune Board urges men to take bone health seriously

Osteoporosis is largely perceived to be a women’s disease; yet, statistics from the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) show that, globally...

Unlocking the secrets of healthy ageing

Ageing is a complex process that’s characterised by a progressive loss of physiological integrity, impaired function and an increased likelihood of...

Study finds FlexPro MD reduces joint pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis model

The journal Nutrients publishes new science from South Korea evaluating the response to osteoarthritis-induced conditions, finding combination of k...

Omya offers new functionalised calcium carbonate with superior bioavailability

Omyaforte ingredient targets the nutraceutical and calcium-fortified food markets

Bone and joint health ingredients for better movement and added comfort

Increasingly affecting the everyday quality of life of an ageing population, joint pain can be exacerbated by both obesity and high-impact sports....

Five factors influencing the mobility market in 2021

Last year was often described as “unprecedented.” It was one in which we all had to say goodbye to “normal” and adapt to the trials and tribulation...

Trial supports eggshell membrane ingredient for arthritic conditions

A new study has investigated Stratum Nutrition’s NEM brand eggshell membrane in subjects diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee

IFF Health enters anti-ageing collaboration with BY-HEALTH

Formulations at the heart of the research focus on fighting cellular oxidative stress, support of intracellular health, and telomerase research

Bone and joint health in a new normal world

Our modern-day lifestyles are resulting in increasingly common joint and bone health problems, writes Will Cowling, Marketing Manager, FMCG Gurus

Moving with the times: Lonza next-gen joint health platform

Dominik Mattern, Associate Director Business Development, Consumer Health and Nutrition, Lonza, reports on next-generation joint health innovation

Study reveals benefits of Mythocondro on knee Osteoarthritis

The non-animal Chondroitin Sulfate has been shown to help treat moderate knee Osteorthritis in overweight people

Making bone health supplements palatable

Martin Koeberle and Verena Garsuch of HERMES PHARMA explore the challenges associated with bringing more convenient combined calcium/vitamin D3 bon...

Rousselot reveals Peptan collagen peptides and bone study results

A new study led by Rousselot and INRA presents scientific evidence that Peptan collagen peptides improve overall bone health by simultaneously targ...

New science cushions joint health challenge

Living an active lifestyle is possible, although challenging, as the human body ages, battling factors such as oxidative stress, inflammation and w...