Discover your next supplement innovation with liquid-filled capsules

Published: 17-Oct-2023

Looking for your next capsule innovation that will help you disrupt the market and stand out on the shelves?

If you're aspiring to introduce groundbreaking dietary supplements, we have the answer. Lonza’s Capsugel® liquid-filled capsules can help you meet the demand for fast-absorbing, visually unique supplements that don’t compromise on consumption experience or efficacy.

These premium capsules combine proprietary design features and fusion technology with innovative ingredient delivery systems, allowing you to create highly functional and uniquely experiential nutraceutical products.

Download our guide today to discover:

  • The potential of liquid-filled capsules to elevate both product excellence and active ingredient performance
  • How liquid-filled capsules elevate both product quality and ingredient performance.
  • Why you should partner with Lonza to create your next stand-out supplement.

Read the guide now.

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