dsm-firmenich and OMG Pharma collaborate to advance CBD drugs for insomnia

Published: 3-Apr-2024

Orally dispersible CBD tablets will improve consumer experience and ease of administration

dsm-firmenich has announced a new strategic collaboration with Oz Medicann Group (OMG) Pharma – an Australian-based biotech company in the cannabinoid medicines domain – to explore the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol (CBD)-based orally dispersible tablets addressing insomnia.

Leveraging dsm-firmenich’s high quality GMP CBD active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and leading-edge formulation capabilities, chiefly its bioavailability expertise, the wide-ranging collaboration will help to advance the next phase of OMG Pharma’s clinical trials. 

The collaboration could also lead to the launch of the world’s first regulatory-approved over-the-counter CBD sleep medication, spearheaded by OMG Pharma.


A new era in CBD drug delivery 

Orally dispersible tablets represent an innovative solid oral drug format for CBD delivery. Administered under the tongue, they bypass first-pass metabolism, facilitating rapid absorption and ease of use for patients. 

This makes orally dispersible tablets an appealing solution for patients who have difficulty swallowing, and for the treatment of health conditions where immediate effects are needed, like insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Athanasia Kanli, Global Market Development Manager Pharma at dsm-firmenich, commented: "We see orally dispersible tablets revolutionising CBD-based therapies for patients, considering the predominance of (usually unpleasant) liquid formats.”


CBD under the microscope in OMG Pharma clinical trials  

John Leith, Founder of OMG, stated: “It’s an exciting time for CBD research, and while we’ve made remarkable progress alone, we recognised that we needed a strategic partner to refine our drug formulation for orally dispersible tablets in order to elevate patient convenience. Beyond dsm-firmenich’s trusted CBD API portfolio, it was its comprehensive formulation support, global regulatory expertise and clinical proficiency that truly set them apart."

"We are excited to be one of the first in the world to have the novel formulated CBD that dsm-firmenich has developed with a view to enhancing CBD absorption in the body. With this innovation, and their team’s help, we’re aiming to optimise CBD absorption in our tablets, addressing one of the most critical challenges in cannabinoid medicines – bioavailability.”

As the partnership progresses, it’s poised to transform the delivery of cannabis medicines, including for sleep, anxiety and many disorders, driving meaningful advancements in patient care.





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