dsm-firmenich and Indena to debut biotic and botanical combination concepts at Vitafoods Europe

Published: 9-May-2024

The companies have teamed up to introduce their dietary supplement solutions for brain health and healthy aging

dsm-firmenich, a company in the nutrition, health and beauty industries and Indena, a developer of active botanical ingredients for the pharmaceutical and health food market, will introduce dietary supplement solutions combining biotics with botanicals in enjoyable delivery formats, at Vitafoods Europe 2024. 

The novel concepts mark the next step in dsm-firmenich and Indena’s partnership, targeting consumer health priorities such as health from the gut, brain health and healthy aging to create next-generation dietary supplement solutions that contribute to drive the future of nutraceuticals.


Botanical extracts for various applications

The jointly-developed concepts combine biotics, essential nutrients and active botanical extracts to target a range of health areas while elevating the consumer experience through delicious, easy-to-use formats such as gummies and oral dispersible granules.

In the Health from the Gut space, the two companies have developed two different dietary supplement gummy solutions. The first development supports the gut-brain axis with Humiome Post LB (dsm-firmenich’s postbiotic) and the calming agent Relissa (a Melissa officinalis L. extract formulated with Indena Phytosome technology). The second solution supports microbiome balance by combining Humiome Post LB with CUBO (a combination of Curcumin Phytosome and Boswellia Phytosome).

Furthermore, dsm-firmenich and Indena will introduce a range of solutions for brain health and healthy aging, featuring essential nutrients and botanicals including:

  • Virtiva Plus, a unique synergistic combination of Ginkgo biloba L. extract with phosphatidylserine showing a clinically validated nootropic effect
  • life’sOMEGA, dsm-firmenich's algal-sourced omega-3 ingredient
  • Quali-B12 vitamin B12 ingredient
  • Quercefit formulated with Indena Phytosome technology to optimise biological performance
  • ampli-D, an innovative and more bioavailable vitamin D ingredient shown to increase levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ in a much shorter timeframe.

“Novel delivery formats like gummies, gels and powder sticks are gaining momentum with consumers looking for more enjoyable, convenient wellness routines,” says Jerome Barra, VP Taste Global Marketing and Business Development at dsm-firmenich. “The new concepts showcase unique taste and flavours, helping customers mask ingredient off-notes and crafting profiles that deliver deeper experiential connections to consumers, making it possible to address the most pressing health needs sustainably.”



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