Euromed presents benefit of olive and pomegranate on endothelial function

Published: 17-Dec-2019

Endothelial dysfunction is greatly under diagnosed in the general population, but plays a major role in the early stages of poor blood circulation

At the herbal medicine conference of the Spanish Society for Phytotherapy (SEFIT), held in Spain, Dr Ester Risco (University of Barcelona and SEFIT) presented the latest study results on Euromed’s natural olive and pomegranate extracts.

A government-supported 20-week clinical trial (LaPaz University Hospital, Madrid) found that the heart-friendly Mediterranean diet of olive and pomegranate polyphenols from Mediteanox and Pomanox offers synergistic heart health and blood flow supporting effects. According to the authors, regular intake may also help reduce cardiovascular risk.

The results showed significant cardiovascular health improvements after eight weeks of treatment, particularly for those subjects who – at the beginning of the trial – had signs of endothelial dysfunction (ED) and an elevated level of oxidised LDL cholesterol, however without showing any cardiovascular symptoms.

Endothelial dysfunction is greatly underdiagnosed in the general population, but plays a major role in the early stages of poor blood circulation and is later associated with plaque progression, and the occurrence of cardiovascular events.

Risco pointed out the importance of primary prevention

In the presentation, Dr Ester Risco pointed out the importance of primary prevention: interventions that improve endothelial dysfunction, levels of circulating oxidised LDL cholesterol, prehypertension or arterial hypertension and lipid profiles, contribute significantly to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In this way, the development, progression and complications of atherosclerosis can be prevented, and the burden of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality among the population reduced.

Supplementation with Mediteanox and Pomanox may, therefore, represent an interesting additional strategy in maintaining hearth health and for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Mediteanox delivers the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommended heart-friendly hydroxytyrosol – a powerful antioxidant and polyphenol. The natural pomegranate extract Pomanox has proved to be effective in consistently lowering blood pressure in several published clinical studies. Its punicalagins act as strong antioxidants that stimulate endothelial production of the vasodilator nitric oxide.

Euromed offers both extracts in different formats and strengths for use in premium dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As Mediteanox and Pomanox are extracted using safe and eco-friendly, water-only technologies (Pure-Hydro Process), they are free from contaminants, organic solvent residuals and toxins.

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