Evonik launches oral drug delivery technology

Published: 6-Oct-2020

Its suitable in oral dosage forms including multiparticulates, tablets and capsules

Evonik has launched an oral drug delivery technology that it says provides enteric protection followed by rapid, homogeneous release targeting of the upper small intestine.

On average, Eudratec Fasteric releases 90% of its dose within 30 minutes of arrival at a pre-defined pH level between 3.0 and 5.5. The company says its proprietary delivery technology can increase gastric resistance and improve intestinal absorption for oral drug products that target sites in the upper small intestine where there is a narrow absorption window.

Evonik says its portfolio of Eudragit functional coatings and advanced drug delivery technologies can target virtually any gastrointestinal site.

“Many APIs are best absorbed through the proximal part of the small intestine,” said Paul Spencer, Head of Pharma Polymers and Services at Evonik. “Enteric protection, followed by early, fast and homogeneous release at the right pH level, can be essential to maximize absorption and enhance bioavailability. With the launch of Eudratec Fasteric, Evonik has addressed another major unmet need for oral drug delivery.”

“Eudratec Fasteric is ideal for the precise targeting of sites such as the duodenum where there is a narrow absorption window,” said Dr Jessica Mueller-Albers, Director Strategic Marketing Oral Drug Delivery Solutions at Evonik.

“Other technologies within our portfolio such as DuoCoat, Phloral and Eudratec COL enable high-precision targeting for the ileocolonic region. The versatility of our portfolio and extensive formulation expertise means we can reliably help pharmaceutical customers address their specific release profile requirements. Being able to offer such a broad range of absorption solutions for targeting throughout the gastrointestinal tract makes Evonik an attractive partner for the development of delayed release oral solid dosage forms.”

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