Gencor and Pharmactive Biotech Products solidify US distribution partnership

Published: 25-Aug-2020

Gencor and Pharmactive have announced a formal distribution partnership for the US. In continuation of their effort to provide proven and scientifically based branded ingredients, Gencor will now distribute Pharmactive’s AGB10+, KWD+, Liboost, Olivactive and CSAT+ brands, with exclusivity for affron and affronEYE

Gencor has long followed a strategy of working with exclusive and proven global branded ingredient partners to help broaden the scope of their offerings to the US marketplace.

In doing so, Gencor has emphasised that its partners offer scientifically supported and responsibly sourced ingredients with in-depth quality assurance programmes.

Both Gencor and Pharmactive share a synergistic approach to innovation which hinges on the need for rigorous scientific analysis and commitment to transparency in sourcing and supply.

“We are excited to partner with Pharmactive as we share a like-minded approach to innovation in the marketplace,” said Chase Shyroc, Vice President of Business Development at Gencor.

“Pharmactive is well-placed to supply unique and scientifically-based solutions to meet some of the most prevalent needs in the marketplace, including eye health, stress relief, sleep enhancement, weight management, etc. They share our goal of providing unparalleled service and will be the ideal partner as we continue to grow our ingredient offerings in the United States.”

Jean-Marie Raymond, CEO of Pharmactive, added: “We’re looking forward to working alongside of Gencor in making our unique innovations available to the US market. We’ve invested a great deal in research and development, as well as clinical testing within universities and research organizations, to help contribute to an advanced marketplace moving forward.”

The Pharmactive partnership is part of Gencor’s worldwide initiative to create a more secure and verified supply chain. The goal is to provide brand manufacturers with clinically proven, safe and potent ingredients by validating and auditing its partners.

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