Improving Nutri-Score with sodium reduction ingredient

Published: 28-Jul-2020

Using Mediterranean Umami, a sodium-reduction ingredient, can help food manufacturers to improve their Nutri-Score label

This clean-label ingredient product line, developed by Salt of the Earth, consists of Mediterranean Umami powder and Mediterranean Umami liquid.

Nutri-Score is a front-of-package (FOP) labelling system, also known as the 5-Colour Nutrition label or 5-CNL. It is based on scientific research by the French High Council for Public Health and created by the national public health agency, Santé Publique, France.

The new nutrition labeling system converts the nutritional value of products into a simple code consisting of five letters from A to E, with associated colours.

Dark green and the letter A are attached to products with the best-rated nutritional quality, whereas dark orange and the letter E are attached to products with the lowest-rated nutritional quality.

The Nutri-Score takes into account both “negative” characteristics of the food (calories, sugar, saturated fat and sodium) and “positive” characteristics of the food (fruit and vegetable content, fibre and protein levels), condensing these into an easy-to-understand score.

“The Nutri-Score label is helping consumers make nutritious choices when filling their shopping baskets, and encouraging food producers to improve the nutritional value of their products,” explains David Hart, Business Unit Director for Salt of the Earth.

The Nutri-Score has been officially recommended by health authorities in France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain, as well as by the European Commission and WHO.

In addition, multinational companies such as Nestlé and Danone are adopting use of the Nutri-Score in markets in Europe.

Mediterranean Umami is derived from natural plant extracts rich in umami flavour compounds. It can help improve the Nutri-Score by reducing sodium in the product.

The sodium scores can be improved by 3–5 points, depending on the type of product and specific formulation. In many cases, this can be enough to improve the overall letter score.

Mediterranean Umami can reduce sodium up to 45% in a wide variety of products. It works especially well in processed meats and plant-based meat alternatives, condiments, sauces, ready-meals and savoury snacks.

“We have seen increased interest from customers seeking to improve the Nutri-Score of their products,” says Hart.

“Mediterranean Umami allows food manufacturers to significantly reduce the amount of sodium in their product, without compromising on flavour. It is an all-natural and clean-label solution, in line with consumer trends for simpler and easy-to-understand ingredients.”

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