Lallemand Health Solutions presents its innovative galenic forms at SupplySide West

Published: 20-Oct-2023

Lallemand Health Solutions invites you to taste its innovative galenic forms at SupplySide West in Las Vegas (23-27 October)

Lallemand Health Solutions is adding lozenges to its wide range of dosage forms.

With their slow melting properties and their fresh, slightly sweet flavour, they leave a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

Lozenges bring added solutions for gut and oral health as demonstrated in a recent study on halitosis.

Based on previous significant results supporting oral health, the three probiotic bacterial strains from Oralis, L. helveticus Rosell-52, L. rhamnosus Rosell-11 and B. longum Rosell-175, were further studied, alone or in combination for the maintenance of a healthy breath.

In vitro studies showed competition effect against a number of opportunistic microorganisms found in the oral cavity. Moreover, Oralis inhibitory effect against the emission of malodourous gases produced by P. gingivalis and T. denticola was evaluated in vitro.

“These are great additions to our range of science-based probiotics for oral health. Pass by our booth to try the new Oralis lozenges and feel the difference,” comments Camille Binachon, Product Manager at Lallemand Health Solution.

New probiotic gummies for gut health and postbiotic gummies for natural defences
“Another highly anticipated galenic form has been developed during the last months by the team, in partnership with the Canada-based specialist Herbaland, gummies!

One formula for gut health contains our highly resistant, spore forming, Bacillus subtilis Rosell-179. We have also formulated postbiotic gummies for natural defenses with heat-inactivated B. lactis Lafti B94.

Each formula is pectin-based and contains vitamin D3 and have a raspberry flavor. We are thrilled to finally add gummies to our portfolio!

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New melt-in-the mouth probiotics
“This year is definitely the best occasion to come have a taster of our formulation capacity on the stand thanks to our Palate Sampler,” says Bérengère Feuz, Marketing and Technical Support Director.

“Our experts in formulation have produced some of our Expert’Biotics in convenient orodispersible powders to take on-the-go, with several properties (fast-melt, fast-melt and fresh, fresh and sweet, sweet (no polyols)) and various fruity flavours (apple, banana, mint, orange, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla). Come and pick-up the one you like best for your market.”

Join the team at booth 3849!

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