Mibelle Biochemistry spotlights endurance & fitness booster at Vitafoods Stand D139

Published: 20-Apr-2023

EnduBerry™ Nu improves cell fitness by upregulating cell defense, cell protection and mitochondrial function

Physical activity such as sports and moderate exercise is important for a healthy life. But exercise generates free radicals leading to damaged lipids, proteins, cells and finally tissues. EnduBerry™ Nu improves cell fitness by upregulating cell defense, cell protection and mitochondrial function. Overall, this reduces oxidative stress in cells and inflammation in the tissues, which essentially improves physical fitness, performance, and endurance.

EnduBerry™ Nu is a natural, polyphenol-rich, and high-quality haskap berry extract powder developed and produced by Swiss ingredient supplier Mibelle Biochemistry.

In Japan, the haskap berries (Lonicera caerulea), are also called the “fruit of longevity”.

EnduBerry™ Nu combines all attributes for a next generation, and innovative sports nutrition ingredient beyond anti-oxidative activities only. The physical benefits are mediated by synergistic mode of actions like supporting cellular defense, cell protection and mitochondrial function.

Significant results were obtained in a ground-breaking placebo-controlled study, after seven days of intake only. Recreational athletes were able to improve their running performance significantly, on average by 25 seconds in a 5 km run. These same runners were able to run 20 seconds longer before reaching time of exhaustion.

Furthermore, these results were in line with improved lactate levels. Beside sport endurance and performance supplements, pre-workout formulas and electrolyte drinks is EnduBerry™ Nu a valuable addition to each antioxidant supplement and well-being product.

EnduBerry™ Nu is water-soluble and well-tasting, therefore suitable for all kinds of trending applications forms. Vitafoods attendees are invited to visit our both D139, tasting various application samples and connecting with Mibelle`s experts.

Beside EnduBerry™ Nu Mibelle Biochemistry will also showcase it`s trending and innovating anti-aging and beauty-from-within portfolio.

Click here to learn more about EnduBerry™ Nu.

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