Micronutrients as beauty boosters

Published: 6-Dec-2023

Premix solutions for holistic beauty from within

Men or women, Gen Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers, everybody wants to look good, regardless of gender and age. According to a worldwide survey by Euromonitor International, more than half of respondents see beauty primarily in a healthy appearance. And this comes mostly from within. 

More and more consumers are becoming aware of how important nutrition is for healthy skin, hair and nails. They understand that a healthy, balanced lifestyle has an effect on their appearance, and so they look for foods, beverages and nutritional supplements that support holistic beauty.

To meet this demand, SternVitamin has developed the new “Beauty from Within” premix line. 

Holistic beauty combines wellness, health and beauty

For many years, wellness, health and beauty were separate categories, but now they are increasingly merging into one another. Holistic beauty has established itself as a long-term trend.

Consumers are looking for beauty products that alleviate stress, boost well-being, help with sleep issues and thus support a healthy appearance. With SternHolisticBeauty, SternVitamin has developed a unique premix that follows this holistic approach. 

This premix for instant drink powders is specially tailored for holistic beauty. Its micronutrients and other functional ingredients support the gut immune system and the microbiota that work through the gut-skin-brain axis to strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin health.

The lavender extract it contains helps with relaxation and stress reduction, while its pantothenic acid supports mental performance. 

The skin as a calling-card

SternVitamin’s new premix line is centred on solutions for various skin needs. After all, glowing skin is the very essence of a healthy appearance. But, unfortunately, the process of skin ageing starts as early as at 25.

External influences such as environmental pollution and sunshine, as well as individual factors like stress, lack of sleep and unbalanced nutrition, further exacerbate the natural ageing of the skin. 

It is no wonder that dark eye circles, lines and wrinkles are among the most frequently mentioned skin problems. With combinations of selected vitamins, minerals and functional ingredients, SternVitamin’s premix solutions support the natural beauty of the skin.

A key factor, for example, is optimal moisturisation. This is exactly what SternHydroSkin helps with. The premix for capsules contains vitamins C and D that help to maintain the skin barrier and counteract skin dryness.

Vitamin B3 has a stimulating effect on ceramide synthesis, which is important for a healthy skin barrier. Moreover, hyaluronic acid and pomegranate extract have positive effects on skin elasticity, hydration and wrinkles. 

“Beauty sleep” is not just an expression; the skin regenerates during sleep. SternBeautySleep supports restful sleep and skin renewal. This premix for capsules contains the minerals zinc, magnesium, calcium and selenium, which boost sleep duration.

Beyond that calcium is involved in the skin’s cell cycle. Like zinc, the vitamins C and E in the premix reduce UV-induced skin ageing. Valerian, hops, and passionflower reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve sleep duration. SternBeautySleep is ideal for women and men under stress.

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