Naltive, the solution to create the perfect sensory experience for your dairy and plant-based applications

Published: 13-Dec-2022

naltive offers three types of hydrocolloids with locust bean gum being its flagship ingredient, tara gum and guar specialties. Our references are processed in our own facility in Switzerland with the highest quality standards

Using only purely natural and physical processes, minimally processed, the large naltive locust bean gum range is best-in-class as it provides specific technical benefits and multi-sensory experience in various challenging applications. The locust bean gum line is a completely new range of six references. The new line has been designed to fit manufacturers’ industrial needs and to fulfill consumer expectations for sensory experiences, clean-label, and organic plant-based foods and beverages. We have the solution to add roundness, creaminess and mouthfeel for alt-dairy drinks, ice-cream and spreadable cheese formulated with dairy or plant-based:

  • Premium grades: Extra high grades with advanced functionalities
  • Standard grades: Several grades with different levels of viscosity

Nexira also developed a complete range of clean label guar gum specialties with specific and unique functionalities:

  • A range of premium depolymerized grades that provides high syneresis control and texture enhancement with limited slimy effect. The range offers different viscosity to fit the requested textures.
  • A range of highly purified grades with a very neutral taste that helps to improve the texture of sauces, ice cream, baked goods, dairy products, and alternative dairy.

Additionally, the naltive tara gum range offers the benefit of an efficiency for cold and hot processes and syneresis control with two different grades.

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