Natural Remedies launches Holixer for stress reduction and sleep promotion

Published: 5-Oct-2022

Natural Remedies has announced the expansion of its portfolio of signature botanical ingredients with the launch of Holixer, holy basil/tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) for the nutraceutical market

Holixer is developed using the patent-pending Bioactive Optimization Technology ( BOT), yielding a unique profile, Ocimum-Bioactive Complex (OBC), a potent collection of different bioactives, creating an innovative holy basil ingredient with powerful actives.

Holixer is supported by a human clinical study published in Frontiers in Nutrition (LoPresti et al., September 2, 2022). In the randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study done on Australian subjects, 100 healthy participants who reported stress and poor sleep consumed 250 mg Holixer or placebo daily for eight weeks. Those in the Holixer group showed significantly greater improvements in stress and cortisol levels and sleep scores compared to those in the placebo group.

Unique objective and subjective parameters were used in the evaluation, like hair cortisol for everyday stress, MAST for acute stress, AIS & Fitbit for Sleep & PROMIS-29 for quality of life.

Brands can enjoy several key advantages with Holixer for stress and sleep support products. Holixer is a low-dose supplement (250 mg per day) that is 100% water-soluble for formulation flexibility, such as for gummies, shots, sachets and tablets, and capsules. It is also available in organic grades.

As clean and traceable ingredients are more important than ever to consumers, brands can be confident in letting their consumers know that the raw material, holy basil plants, are grown and cultivated by Good Regenerative Practices, with natural nutrient-rich fertilisers and no use of pesticides and the entire process allows for Natural Remedies to have end-to-end control over the product.

Natural Remedies ‘Holixer is the official stress and sleep category sponsor for SupplySide West. Visit the Natural Remedies team at booth #5047 to learn and experience this ingredient in different formulations.

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