ADM and GLG partner to bring low-calorie stevia, monk fruit sweeteners to customers worldwide


New partnership to offer non-GMO stevia and monk fruit ingredients to meet increasing global demand for sugar reduction and clean-label ingredients

Archer Daniels Midland Company and GLG Life Tech have announced a new partnership to manufacture, market, sell and distribute low-calorie stevia and monk fruit sweeteners to customers around the globe.

'More and more consumers are looking for healthier foods that are made with natural ingredients and taste great,' said Rodney Schanefelt, Director, Sugar and High Intensity Sweeteners, for ADM.

'ADM is already helping customers to meet that growing demand with our comprehensive portfolio of ingredients and flavours. Now, we’re expanding that portfolio even further by offering customers around the world a wide array of great stevia and monk fruit sweeteners. We are pleased to partner with GLG, which has a demonstrated advantage in developing non-GMO stevia varietals and a pipeline of future innovative products.'

Under the terms of the agreement, GLG will produce an extensive array of low-calorie sweeteners made from stevia and monk fruit, while ADM will be the exclusive global marketer and distributor of those ingredients to food and beverage companies worldwide.

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'This partnership — combining GLG’s capabilities and reputation as one of the largest, most trusted manufacturers of low-calorie sweeteners with ADM’s global distribution capabilities and existing ingredient portfolio — offers tremendous opportunities for both companies and their customers,' said Brian Meadows, GLG President and CFO. 'Consumers are demanding healthy, delicious foods and drinks with clean labels, natural ingredients and reduced added sugar — together, ADM and GLG will be the go-to source for food and beverage companies looking to meet that demand.'