AOM is now part of Kensing

Published: 16-Nov-2023

After 20 years of pioneering advancements in the production of natural antioxidants, Vitamin E, and Phytosterols, AOM has officially joined the Kensing family. Visit us at FiE on stand 3.0H81

This strategic acquisition positions Kensing as a leading global producer of Natural Tocopherols and Phytosterols with four state-of-the-art plants across North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Kensing’s diverse portfolio will now include traditional Soybean-sourced products as well as non-GMO, allergen-free Tocopherols and Phytosterols from Sunflower and European Rapeseed. This expanded product range is well-positioned to meet the demands of key sectors, including food, dietary supplements, personal care, and pet food.

Aligned with its unwavering commitment to sustainability, Kensing strategically situates its production facilities near raw material sources, effectively minimising its environmental footprint. Notably, Kensing's factories in the United States, Argentina, and Spain are meticulously designed for the upcycling of by-products resulting from the refining of edible oils—a staple of human consumption. This innovative approach ensures that not a single square meter of soil is cultivated to obtain raw materials for its production.

These raw materials are known as "deodorisation distillates" or "DOD". AOM rescues two very valuable molecules for the food and cosmetic industries from this sidestream. The first are tocopherols, which are natural antioxidants. The second are phytosterols, ingredients that have been correlated with reducing LDL-cholesterol.

One of the most relevant synergies that will arise from the acquisition is the incorporation of two industry-leading AOM products: Sun E and Nutripherol into the Kensing portfolio.

Nutripherol: Double antioxidant function in a single ingredient

Rapeseed tocopherol has a unique natural composition comprised of both d-α-Tocopherol and d-γ-Tocopherol, which makes it different from other antioxidants of natural origin. The high content of these two isomers provides Nutripherol with a double antioxidant function, offering benefits to both the product being consumed and the consumer.

The d-γ-Tocopherol acts against the lipid rancidity of the matrix where it is incorporated, while concurrently providing a supplemental boost of Vitamin E (d-α-Tocopherol), an essential nutrient to slow down oxidation and cellular ageing.

Nutripherol presents a straightforward and cost-effective solution for food formulations or vitamin premixes that contain lipid content. It efficiently replaces two ingredients (Antioxidants + Vitamin E) with a single ingredient, streamlining formulations and supply chains.

Sun E: The Most Natural Vitamin E

Unlike other vegetable oils, sunflower is one of the main sources of totally natural vitamin E as it contains a concentration of more than 90% d-α-Tocopherol. Other sources, such as soybean, contain lower content of d-α-Tocopherol (between 6% and 14%). Due to this lower concentration, these raw materials require hydroxymethylation to convert beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols into alpha, to achieve a high concentration of Vitamin E.

Because Sun E is extracted from sunflower oil, it does not require chemical modification to reach high concentrations of d-α-Tocopherol. The molecule is extracted via natural physical processes without alteration of its molecular structure. Sun E is a vitamin E that can be called "of natural origin" or "identical" to nature.

AOM is now part of Kensing

Compared to Synthetic Vitamin E, recent studies have shown that the bioefficiency of Sun E is at least two times more potent than synthetic Vitamin E. Research shows increased accumulation of d-α-tocopherol in all tissues when the RRR form is administered, providing increased health protection.

The unparalleled benefits of Sun E, the natural source of Vitamin E from sunflowers, with its non-genetically manipulated and non-allergenic properties, positions it as the most natural and bioavailable Vitamin E in the market.

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