Beneo unveils inulin from chicory root

Organic inulin supports all the same health benefits as Orafti inulin for balanced intestinal flora

Functional ingredients manufacturer, Beneo, has announced that it is now capable of producing organic inulin from chicory roots, claiming to be the first ingredient manufacturer to do so.

Interest in organic products continues to grow and as a result, more customers are seeking out organic solutions. With the latest ongoing developments, Beneo will be able to offer inulin derived from chicory root fibre at a competitive price compared to organic inulin from other sources.

Eric Neven, Commercial Managing Director of Beneo Functional Fibres, said: “With global market volume in the thousands of metric tonnes for organic inulin, and considerable potential for further growth, we see untapped opportunities for this innovative ingredient to extend into the organic market.”

The chicory root fibre, inulin, is a natural, non-GMO, clean label and clinically proven plant-based prebiotic fibre that is derived from chicory root via a gentle hot water extraction method.

There already exists a wealth of research supporting the health benefits of Beneo’s Orafti Inulin covering digestive health, lowering blood glucose response and weight management. All of which will also apply to organic inulin. This also includes BENEO’s exclusive EU health claim for its inulin in promoting digestive health.