Chr. Hansen launches three probiotics for the pet segment

Published: 3-Sep-2021

Pet-Prostart, Pet-Proessentials and Pet-Provital are designed to address the needs of pets during each distinct stage of life

Targeting the pet food and pet supplements industry in the United States, Chr. Hansen has launched a line-up of three probiotics designed to address the needs of dogs and cats during different stages of life.

According to data from a pet owner survey conducted by the YouGov analysis institute, 24% of pet parents in the US turn to probiotics to support healthy digestion, immunity and overall well-being  of their pets.

Chr. Hansen has introduced Pet-Prostart, Pet-Proessentials and Pet-Provital, designed for puppies and kittens, pets in their adulthood, and dogs and cats above seven years of age respectively.

“The microbiome of the pet’s digestive tract influences a wide range of important systems including digestion, immunity and behavior. By adding probiotics, live bacteria that positively interact with the microbiome and the pet’s digestive tract, we can support normal health and well-being of pets,” said Lidiia Alaverdova, Senior Global Product Manager for Pet Health & Nutrition at Chr. Hansen.

“Pets make our world complete and impact our lives in so many ways, and pet owners wish to return the favour by increasingly treating their cats and dogs like members of their family. Probiotics for pets could be a game-changer for brands in terms of differentiating and taking their premium pet food to the next level.

“At Chr. Hansen Pet Health & Nutrition, our purpose is to grow a better world for pets, naturally. So when our partners and customers make a strategic choice to integrate microbial solutions, our goal is to help them achieve excellence in their pet probiotics play. That is why their products and our solutions make a winning team,’’ concluded Alaverdova.

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