Cosucra is ready for its future in US, Canada and Mexico

Published: 24-Sep-2018

Cosucra has doubled its pea protein capacity and set up a North American subsidiary

Whether it is because the world population is increasing, for sustainable reasons or to avoid animal proteins... the demand for vegetable proteins is growing. With its local anchorage but global and long-term vision, Cosucra has anticipated this market demand and inaugurates a very efficient new plant of pea ingredients.

Cosucra is aiming to provide itself a global platform for its specialty ingredients Pisane a pea protein isolate, Swelite a functional pea fibre and Nastar functional pea starch.

For Cosucra, North America is one of the world’s most promising markets for pea protein, the Belgian ingredient company has decided to increase its presence in North America, Canada and Mexico with the inauguration of a new subsidiary in the US.

This year, with its corporate booth at Supply Side West exhibition in Las Vegas, Cosucra will highlight its ingredients. The visitors will have the opportunity to taste these naturally-sourced, clean label ingredients in four nutritional concepts:

  • high protein energy bite
  • protein enriched exercise and cognitive improvement beverage
  • protein enriched beauty from within and bone health beverage
  • gluten free nutrient rich popped chips

Plant-based protein, gluten-free, allergen-free, clean label solutions or texture improvement are some of the key consumer drivers in US that Cosucra can help address.

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