Euromed introduces natural extracts for healthy ageing

Published: 28-Jan-2021

There is reportedly growing evidence that a Mediterranean diet can help alleviate cognitive decline in advanced age, strengthen heart health and thus support performance and overall well-being

Euromed is offering a line of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable concentrates containing some of the key antioxidant and health-supporting properties found in the Mediterranean diet. All the concentrates are obtained via water-only Pure-Hydro Process technology and are suitable for use in dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, nutricosmetics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The company is one of the official sponsors of the Healthy Ageing Micro-Community at Vitafoods Asia, and will present its natural extracts in an on-demand webinar entitled: ‘Pomanox and Mediteanox: Water-Only Processed Olive and Pomegranate Fruits for Active Life and Healthy Ageing’.

Pomanox is made from pomegranates cultivated in the Medierranean region of Spain through sustainable farming, with strict quality control of the raw material and an eco-friendly proprietary concentration technology. Several published studies support its health-promoting properties, from skin beauty to cardiovascular health, cognitive performance and sports nutrition.

Mediteanox is a natural olive concentrate containing hydroxytyrosol, an antioxidant polyphenol, and other polyphenols that occur naturally in olives. It offers the cardiovascular benefits of olive oil, without the additional calories. It’s clinically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation levels, support a healthy cardiovascular system and help control blood pressure. Other investigated health properties indicate potential for counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals, such as premature skin ageing and excessive exposure to toxins.

Published clinical data indicate Mediteanox and Pomanox may work synergistically to improve endothelial function, promote healthy blood lipid levels and reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation in middle-aged, apparently healthy people.

Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing at Euromed, said: “In the webinar we will show how best to respond to a growing demand for eco-friendly, clean and sustainable botanical ingredients. We will highlight properties of promegranate and olive ingredients, and discuss their physiological contribution to the documented healthy ageing benefits of a Mediterranean diet. The scientific evidence covers ingredient characterization through to clinical trials in the fields of heart health, nutricosmetics, sports nutrition and other research areas.”

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