Euromed introducing lemon ingredient at Vitafoods Europe

Published: 20-Jul-2021

Wellemon is a source of eriocitrin, a secondary plant substance with antioxidant properties

Euromed is adding a lemon-based botanical ingredient to its line of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts at Vitafoods Europe. Lemons are a source of eriocitrin, a secondary plant substance with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties commonly found in the Mediterranean-style diet. A recently published acute clinical study compared the company’s Wellemon extract with an hesperidin-rich orange extract. The results reportedly showed the lemon extract yielded more bioavailable metabolites than hesperidin and may therefore provide more effective health benefits.

The researchers compared the bioavailability and metabolism of flavanones from lemon to the orange extract, and analysed changes in metabolic markers after a high-fat-high-sugar meal. The overall excretion of metabolites was substantially higher after consuming lemon extract, as indicated by blood and urine samples of the participants. In particular, according to the researchers, the pharmacokinetic study showed intake of eriocitrin from lemon extract yields both lemon and orange metabolites, thanks to hesperetin-eriodictyol interconversion, exclusive to the eriocitrin metabolite.

Euromed claims its ingredient can provide a higher total concentration of bioactive metabolites, not achievable with the intake of hesperidin alone. Hesperidin has a low bioavailability due to poor water-solubility. Wellemon intake may be sufficient to exert health benefits even in so-called low-producer individuals, reducing interindividual variability and overcoming poor hesperidin bioavailability. Systolic blood pressure also remained stable in subjects consuming Wellemon while increasing slightly in those supplementing orange extract. Besides cardiovascular and metabolic health, the company says, possible applications include vascular health, healthy ageing and nutricosmetics.

Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing, said: “The Mediterranean diet, with a high intake of fruits and vegetables, stands out as particularly heart-friendly and health-promoting. Citrus fruits play an important role in that eating pattern, especially in the winter months due to their rich source of flavanones such as eriocitrin. Our eriocitrin-standardised compound is obtained from sustainably sourced Spanish whole lemons, processed with our proprietary, water-only extraction technology, the Pure-Hydro Process. We’re looking forward to the official launch of Wellemon at Vitafoods, when we will be making it available for new and existing customers.”

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