Fill the fibre gap with our fabulous acacia fibre, inavea pure acacia

Published: 1-Feb-2022

Fill the Fibre Gap with inavea PURE ACACIA

The notion of good dietary habits deals with the maintenance of good health through balanced nutrition.

Conversely, unbalanced nutrition and poor dietary habits could lead to diseases and other troubles.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), it is recommended that adults consume 25g of fibre per day. There is evidence of beneficial health effects if dietary fibre intake is increased, and the dietary guidelines of some European countries do recommend higher amounts.

However, in many modern societies, diets are very low in dietary fibre. Nowadays, fibre intake in most European countries is below the recommended levels, with average intakes as low as 12.7 and 13.6g per day in Spain and UK, respectively.

As it is difficult to meet the fibre recommendations via traditional foods, consumers need help to easily increase their fibre intakes. Discover how to fill this fibre gap by formulating convenient and innovative high-fibre fortified products with acacia fibre.

inavea PURE ACACIA is an all-natural, organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified dietary fibre sourced from carefully selected acacia trees.

Beyond sustainability, inavea PURE ACACIA is the only acacia fibre with a carbon neutral footprint.

Being FODMAP-friendly certified, inavea PURE ACACIA offers the value of high digestive tolerance for fibre enrichment in a large array of applications.

Thanks to all its benefits, inavea PURE ACACIA is the perfect ingredient for a holistic nutritional approach. Read our blog article and our infographic and download our new white paper.

A PDF of the infographic/white paper can be found here.

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