Gelita returns to Vitafoods Asia with product for women’s health

Published: 6-Sep-2022

The gelatin and collagen peptides manufacturer will feature at Vitafoods Asia in Bangkok on 5-7 October

German manufacturer Gelita has announced its return to Vitafoods Asia, with its latest collagen peptide solution for women's health.

The three different strands Gelita will present are named Verisol, Fortibone and Bodybalance.

A spokesperson for Gelita said: "Because our life expectancy is constantly increasing, it is less about adding years to your life, but more about adding life to your years."

They added: "Gelita's portfolio of collagen peptides help women in particular to achieve these goals.

With life expectancy increasing, it is less now about adding years to your life, but more about adding life to your years

Verisol leads to long-term improvements of the collagen production in the skin thus catering for more elasticity, less wrinkles and reduced occurrence of cellulite.

Fortibone stimulates the production of the extracellular bone matrix, which is the essential framework in bones. Hence, it supplies the body with the basic components needed for a strong and stable bone structure.

Bodybalance boosts the effect of resistance training. Clinical studies have shown a significant decrease of fat mass and increase of lean body mass together with an improved muscle strength.

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