HSRx Biopharmaceutical and Thorne Research in collaboration for botanical drug development

Botanical drugs target billion-dollar drug categories

HSRx Biopharmaceutical, a leading developer of polyfunctional-powered combination drugs for infectious disease conditions and disease conditions related to ageing and lifestyle, and Thorne Research, Inc., a leading personalised health solutions company, have announced that the two companies have executed a collaboration agreement for researching, licensing, and distributing botanical drug products and nutritional supplements.

'The venture's immediate focus will be the development and rapid roll-out of first-in-class botanical drug products, approved under the US FDA's Botanical Drug Guidelines, for two significant unmet needs for infectious disease,' said HSRx's Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Sullivan, Jr. The total US market demand for these two targeted areas is estimated to exceed US$2bn.

Preclinical human safety and efficacy studies have already been completed for HSRx's fully developed and patent-pending food-based botanical drug compounds for the two targeted disease conditions. Thorne Research, which has a Collaborative Research Agreement with Mayo Clinic, will continue the botanical drug development effort by initiating clinical trial development and the subsequent FDA approval process. Thorne Research's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Jacobson, said: 'Thorne Research is committed to bringing medical professionals safe and efficacious botanical products for the benefit of patients worldwide. Our collaboration with HSRx significantly advances this effort.'

HSRx's proprietary technology identifies in food products and botanical ingredients those bioactive nutrients that demonstrate effectiveness against specific disease conditions. HSRx also identifies – via genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics – the molecular pathways and mechanisms utilised by the bioactive nutrients to deliver health benefits. HSRx precisely monitors quality and purity throughout production and processing. Its proprietary safety screening programme can test for more than 1400 chemical contaminants, representing the most sophisticated and rigorous quality control in the health products industry.

'HSRx can demonstrate dose-consistent biological results for each of its proprietary compounds, which solves the problem of batch inconsistency the FDA has consistently identified as a major issue for botanical-based products,' Sullivan said. 'Our collaboration with Thorne Research marks the establishment of a new leader in botanical drug development. Together, we have the science, talent, manufacturing capacity, and brand loyalty to assure extraordinary success.'