Helping active women feel their best

Published: 18-Jul-2023

Our industry is in desperate need of ingredients studied specifically on women. As discussed in detail at the Formulating for Women: What's Hot and What's Not panel discussion at SSE 2023, despite women remaining the primary buyers of dietary supplements, research is still performed primarily on men

Conducting research on women, producing health claims specifically for women, will provide our primary dietary supplement buyers solutions geared towards them, backed by science produced on their own gender (because, as Stacy Sims says, “Women are not small men.”).

NEM®, created and researched by Stratum Nutrition®, has been researched specifically in healthy post-menopausal women (average age 56). In this published clinical trial, healthy post-menopausal women performed a low-intensity step exercise while taking one 500 mg daily dose of NEM® or placebo. The study utilised a unique, patented trial design that looked at changes in a cartilage degradation biomarker (CTX-II) in healthy exercising individuals. Study results concluded that a once-daily, 500 mg dose of NEM® rapidly reduced joint pain and stiffness resulting from the step exercise and improved recovery throughout a 12-hour post-exercise time period in healthy post-menopausal women. By looking at the cartilage biomarker CTX-II, Stratum found that NEM® helped protect participant joint cartilage from breakdown caused by the exercise.

In addition to NEM®, Stratum Nutrition also has another upcycled ingredient: ESC® brand eggshell calcium, one of nature’s purest forms of calcium. ESC is California Prop 65 compliant in all four heavy metals tested at the full daily value for calcium of 1300 mg per day.* In a comparison study of lead levels, ESC®’s levels were more than 50 times lower than the California Prop 65 standard and more than 1,000 times lower than USP (United States Pharmacopeia) limit for Nutritional Supplements.

NEM® and ESC® were born out of a desire to find additional value in eggshells left over from the egg products industry. To add to their environmentally-friendly checklist, the only byproduct of their natural manufacturing process is steam. To sum things up, a massive amount of eggshells are diverted from entering the landfill, put to good use supporting public health, without creating unnecessary harm to the environment – creating a win-win-win situation.

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