KitoZyme expands its digestive range and presents medical results

This last semester ended with good news for KitoZyme: a new product launch to treat constipation — TransiBiota — and the presentation of medical results on its last innovation combining weight and digestive actions, FiberSlim

KitoZyme is already well-known for its expertise in weight management. But 2016 was the year of the innovation for KitoZyme with the launch of a new products range in Digestive Health:

  1. Gastrap is a medical device intended to be used to treat symptomatic gas-related GI complaints
  2. TransiRelax is a food supplement that supports gastrointestinal health and improves the body’s ability to adapt to stress
  3. FiberSlim is a medical device that reduces caloric intake, restores a healthy gut microflora and reduces oxidative stress.

After experimental success with these products, KitoZyme launched TransiBiota, a new medical device intended to be used in the

  1. treatment of moderate constipation
  2. promotion of normal transit
  3. relief of gastro-intestinal symptoms related to constipation and/or gut dysbiosis.

TransiBiota is available in a convenient delivery form: 1 to 2 sachet(s)/day with orange flavour.

In parallel, KitoZyme presents the results of its user test concluded on FiberSlim:

  1. a quick effect on digestive symptoms
  2. a feeling of digestive well-being thanks to improved transit and a feeling of "deflation"
  3. a rapid and progressive weight loss from the beginning: 2.3kg in 4 weeks.
  4. All these products are composed of a unique, 100% natural and patented ingredient: KiOtransine and other ingredients to create the best combinations. These four products constitute the new range in Digestive Health and permit KitoZyme to grow up expertise field.

    For more information visit Kitozyme website. Or visit Kitozyme at CPhI Worldwide at booth 91F49