Lipidor and Cadila announce agreement on Phase III clinical study and joint commercialisation of topical psoriasis product


Product targets patients with mild to moderate psoriasis

Lipidor AB and Cadila Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing groups in India, have entered into a collaboration agreement to commercialise a sprayable anti-psoriatic product consisting of the generic vitamin D analogue, Calcipotriol, formulated with Lipidor´s patented lipid-based drug delivery technology, AKVANO.

The product targets patients with mild to moderate psoriasis. Under the collaboration agreement, Cadila Pharmaceuticals will conduct a Phase III programme in India starting in 2016.

'We are very pleased with our collaboration with Cadila Pharmaceuticals, which will enable us to bring this important psoriasis product to the market,' said Dr Anders Carlsson, CEO of Lipidor AB.

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'Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ partnership with Lipidor AB evolves from its vision to partner with leading global research institutions to find novel, innovative and affordable solutions for unmet medical needs. Psoriasis is a condition with high prevalence in India and globally,' said Dr Rajiv I. Modi, Chairman and Managing Director, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, India.